We are a small home breeder of beautiful, loving multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Our home is located in the metro Atlanta area – Loganville, Georgia – between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Our dogs are considered members of the family and live in our home, sleep in our beds and go almost everywhere with us, including our family vacations. Our doodles know when we are planning to go for a ride and anxiously await the invitation to join us. We hope to provide you and your family with the perfect new addition to your family.

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Who we are?

So, why was Asher Farm created? Well, in 2014 we purchased our first Labradoodle , Ellie Mae, from Southern Charm Labradoodles (SCL) also in Loganville. Ellie Mae was purchased as a guardian dog from SCL and has been a total joy for our family from the first day we brought her home. In fact, Ellie Mae was so awesome that we began to consider becoming a breeder of Labradoodles. After much discussion and mentoring from Labradoodle expert and breeder and owner of SCL, Carol Dean, we decided to create Asher Farm and provide others with the opportunity to love a doodle.
Asher Farm is truly a family effort! We are Joe and Kim Chadwick and are parents to 3 human girls (Lord help us!) and 3 doodles. I (Joe) have always loved animals and as a child dreamed of being a veterinarian. However, my dream was to remain a dream and I enlisted in the Army. After serving in the Army, I managed a few pet stores for several years which included raising and selling hand-fed birds, reptiles and small animals and NEVER did we sell any animals from puppy mills. The next chapter of my career focused on starting my own construction/home improvement business which I still do as time (and my interest) permits.
My wife, Kim, is the beautiful brains handling the administrative end of the business including social media, scheduling/planning, marketing, and finance. Besides being a world class wife and mom, Kim has a successful career in the Human Resources field.
Our daughters are also actively involved with the doodles and have at least one doodle escort accompanying them on their car rides to/from school each day. And, each of them has a doodle bunk buddy each night at bedtime. Our girls are also tasked with helping with the doodles from daily care and socialization to assisting with basic duties with the puppy litters. They are eager to assist and learn, and they provide gentle, caring and helping hands.
In 2017, we purchased two future moms, Eve and Lilah from Southern Charm Labradoodles.

Our Doggies


Southern Charm’s Modern Eden’s Eve
Eve is the first lady in our breeding harem. We purchased her as a puppy in April 2016. She is a beautiful petite, 24 lb. caramel girl. Although a bit on the shy side, she is very energetic, playful and loving and loves to give double “high fives”. She absolutely loves car rides and is usually snuggled up against me like an arm rest. Eve is very obedient and wants to please her family. She is also a gal that likes to go to bed early and lets us know when she is “ready for night night.”

Eve has passed all of her health and genetic testing. We are hopeful she will bless us with our first litter of beautiful doodle pups in the summer of 2017.


Southern Charm’s Temptress Delilah
Lilah is a gorgeous medium sized chocolate phantom that also carries for parti. While still a puppy, she has recently passed all of her health testing to be considered for breeding. She is super smart, very adventurous and always ready to go! Lilah knows her commands (but like a teenager sometimes wants to do the opposite). We trained her to use bells hung on our door to let us know if she has to go potty, and she is the best doodle in the house to use the potty bells. Occasionally, she tricks her humans and just wants to go outside and play instead of going potty. We hope to have beautiful pups from Lilah in 2018.


As we grow our business through guardians and doodles in our home, we intend to offer breeding services.


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770-656-1094 (Joe)
678-381-7681 (Kim)


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